Ethnic studies:

Post-Colonial Theory:

Extended Reading of the poem by Brando: The Hollow Men by T.S Elliot in Apocalypse Now

Harold Bloom talking about "The Western Canon" (1994)

Elaine Showalter she presents a history of female writers in America and the prejudices against women writers. Ms. Showalter explores the influence women have had on the American literary canon and profiles authors from throughout the history of the nation.

Chomsky y Foucault (Universidad de Amsterdam en 1971)

Conversations with History: Wole Soyinka

Gender Studies: Race & Ethnicity

Lo que el velo oculta:

Documentos TV: Las reinas del Satélite

China un país de 40 millones de solteros:

Documental denuncia: La mujer cosa de hombres de Isabel Coixet.

Perpetuating Roles:

Experimento de la cárcel de Stanford

Feminisms: El cerebro masculino

Redes (10/10/10): El cerebro masculino

Criticsm applied to films

  • Cinematic representations of Inuit culture and orality: Atanarjuat

In an intense postcolonial context such as that of the Canadian Arctic, cultural and social tensions are such that they are bound to permeate many works of art, whether because they indirectly reveal those tensions, or because they are used as a direct means of expressing them from one viewpoint or another. A masterpiece that connects particular aesthetics with particular politics of Inuit/White relations. The emphasis is put on the relevance of audiovisual media to reinvent a modern Inuit orality.